Messy Church




What is Messy Church

  • Messy Church is a form of church for children and adults that involves creativity, celebration and hospitality.
  • It is for people who don't usually go to church and is held at a time and place that is most suitable to them.
  • It incliudes a welcome, a drink and a cake and a short introduction.  This is followed by a longer time for craft and activities and then a short time in church for prayers and singing.  We finish in the church hall with a simple meal.
  • It's all age but most of our children are primary school age with their mums.
  • it's fun.
  • It is a church for people at all stages of their faith and of any age - a congregation that is as valuable and worthy as any other congregations.
  • Its aim is to introduce Jesus, to give an opportunity to encounter him and to grow closer to him.
  • It models and promotes good ways of growing as a family: a nuclear family, an extended family, and a global and local church family.
  • We meet mostly on the fourth Wednesday of the month but the date varies with Easter an Christmas.